My Laparoscopy Procedure for My Severe Endometriosis

To finally remove the large chocolate cyst growing in my left ovary, I was scheduled to have my Laparoscopy last October 4, 2012. The days leading up to my surgery were very stressful. I had to lose weight, a lot of weight, in less than 30 days. From 145 lbs, I managed to lose 29 lbs before the surgery.

Two days before the surgery were the most painful of all. I was told to be in a “liquid diet” – only soups, fruit juices, water, etc. One day before the surgery, I had to take Dulcolax so I could poop before the surgery and Evening Primrose Oil (as vaginal suppository) to “soften” my cervix and prepare it for the operation.

The “Laparoscopy Day”

Everything went smoothly as planned. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything so we went straight to the hospital to prepare myself early for the laparoscopy. 2 kinds of Enema and a skin test were done before lunch time. At exactly 1:00 pm, they finally took me to the operating room. I was very nervous. I was begging everyone to help save my left ovary. After a few minutes, a nurse came to me and injected something in my IV. That was my last memory.
I woke up while they’re taking me to another room. I was very dizzy, maybe because of the anesthesia. I felt my wounds and stitches, and they were like burning my skin inside and out. There was also an odd pain in my throat that I couldn’t speak clearly. That was when I realized that the laparoscopy was done.
I immediately looked for my sister (since she’s also a doctor and a former classmate of the owner of the hospital, she was able to assist me inside the operating room). I asked her about my left ovary. It was saved! Although the cyst was already in its “critical size”, they were able to remove it without removing my left ovary as well. The procedure took 5 to 6 hours.
I was discharged the next day. Dr. S positively told me that we can start “trying” again after two to three weeks. I was also instructed to visit her again after seven days so she can check the stitches.
Despite the fact that I couldn’t move because of my fresh wounds, I was very happy. I already started imagining myself pregnant. What clothes should I wear? When should I start shopping for baby stuff? I knew from that moment that this time, nothing would stop us anymore from having a baby.
What happened next? Find out on my next post.