Advantages of Toddler Classes in Singapore

The concept of home schooling is nurturing in all parts of the world, but for some parents (in case both working) it is not possible to even home school their kids. At times, the setting up routine becomes so difficult that parents look for better option for setting routines of kids.

Parents thus benefit mostly from sending their toddlers to schools and additional learning classes and many have recommended several schools and kindergartens for other parents as well.

Get a Routine

School is all about discipline and routine setting. The most hectic task for both parents at home and teachers at school is to make kids familiar with the concept of schooling, about participating and ordering things. Apart from this, learning normal and everyday words and gestures like Good Morning, Thank You, Sorry or Goodbye is not an easy task. Some kids and mothers also face the separation anxiety issue, which again must be addressed and properly taken care of.

First few days at classes are crucial for kids, since they become adaptable to the new environment of staying without their parents etc. thus, it is the time which can be best utilized to ensure kids are accustomed to discipline and routine of school environment.

Socializing is Essential

For better understanding of value systems and communication skills, the essence of socializing cannot be ignored. In different classes, toddlers get a chance to learn, interact, empathize, and respect others, also their thought process is enhanced through daily interaction with others. Classes and schools are such designed in Singapore that kids learn benefits of communication skills and discover what emotions are, which further develops their emotional intelligence. These kids are likely to become better human beings later in their lives.

Practical learning stays longer

It is evident that when toddlers learn and study via play, it tends to have a bigger impact in their lives, and they remember the concepts learnt. Of course, for toddlers of ages 3 and below, it is not about classroom environments, rather it is about development of social, cognitive, language and physical aspects of all kids.

The curriculum designed for such young classrooms in Singapore is mostly about language learning and storytelling. With storytelling, kids make better connections with sequences, elements and learn the concepts of cause and effect.

Cultivate time alone

The concept of staying alone may seem strange to parents and some may not like the concept, but in Singapore staying alone is novel and productive idea for kids. They not only stay close to other classmates and teachers, also get a time to stay alone and enhance their physical strengths, memory skills and cognitive abilities which are good for their school life later.

Happy Parents

Parents in Singapore also wish to have conducive environments for their kids, which is not only learning based, but also fun and promotes healthy activities. When in a classroom environment, toddlers get to spend most of their time in recreational activities, which is learning oriented and have cause and effect impact on them. At the end of the day parents are happy and satisfied.

The impact of classroom learning is positive on toddlers and an excellent method to prepare them for school environments later in their lives. Beyond the separation anxiety is another factor which must be considered when preparing kids for school. In the initial years of schooling, kids get to their routine, interact, and socialize with their classmates and explore the world around them. These practices help them in getting used to the outside world and be ready to enter a school curriculum.