After Laparoscopy for Endometriosis: Last Decapeptyl Shot or Fertility Treatment Right Away?

One week after my Laparoscopy, we paid our ob-gyne / fertility specialist (Dr. S) a visit last October 11, 2012.

She told us that even though she had successfully removed the chocolate cyst (endometrioma) from my left ovary and scraped some blood clots surrounding it, that didn’t mean that I’m already free from endometriosis. It can recur at any time, especially when my period starts again (my Decapeptyl shots before the procedure stopped my periods for months).

Yes, surgery (i.e. laparoscopy)  is just a way of managing endometriosis. Apparently, no treatment could permanently get rid of it.

She discussed my possible options:

1. Finish the course of Decapeptyl shots
– If I would be able to finish my course of Decapeptyl (one shot remaining), there would be a good chance that my endometriosis wouldn’t recur soon. If I’m going to take my last shot, my periods and ovulation would stop again for two to four months. In short, no chance of getting pregnant within that period.

2. Start with the fertility treatment right away
– According to her, this is possible. But the downside is –  there would be a big chance that my endometriosis would recur soon.

Honestly, I was a little disappointed. Before entering the clinic, I was looking forward to receive new set of prescriptions for my fertility treatment, not for my endometriosis. In the end, my husband and I finally decided to choose the first option – finish my Decapeptyl course.

For the record – I never enjoyed the side effects of Decapeptyl. Aside from stopping my menstrual periods and ovulation, this drug also leads to weight gain and decreases libido.

I just focused myself on the bright side of this option: Taking this drug will only be equivalent to 2-4 months of suffering. But if I wouldn’t take this shot and my endometriosis would recur again, that would possibly be equivalent to years or even a lifetime of suffering from not having a child.

Five months had passed. My period started again during our last day of vacation in Coron, Palawan (March 21, 2013). We paid Dr. S a visit the next day.