How to choose between Daycare, Preschool and Nanny?

How to choose between Daycare, Preschool and Nanny?

The issue of childcare often brings a lot of stress to the parents. It is said that the first three years should be spent at home. Infants need to be taken care of as they can experience less illness, fewer behavioral issues and less stress. Although most of the parents would prefer home-based settings, it is not always feasible for working mothers to cater to their young ones with sheer dedication. After the age of three, you should enroll your kid into a daycare.

There are many preschools in Singapore like Chiltern House. So how do you choose one that is the best for your child? You should look at curriculum, quality of teachers and most importantly, the general ‘feel’ of the centre which you should get for yourself by going down to the centre. Check out one such preschool, Chiltern House here today:

The following article by Dona Mathews on psychologytoday helps you make the decision.

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“Overall, the NICHD findings showed that what matters most is not the kind of care a child receives—whether nanny, parent, daycare, preschool, or other—but rather the nature of their home experience. No matter the form of early childhood care, optimal outcomes are experienced by children who experience warmth, responsiveness, and the right kinds of stimulation at home.” Read More Here!

The studies show that kids who are cared for at home are known to be less aggressive. Ideally, those who have maternal care are known to be calmer and more cooperative. The kind of environment you choose for your kid does not matter. It could be a nanny taking care of your kid; it could be parental care, or even preschool. The end result should be that they need to experience warmth. Ensuring that the kid is under the supervision of a well-trained should suffice. Pre-schools have a highly professional environment for kids. They help kids in developing essential skills like cognitive skills and motor skills. The following article by Susannah Birch on talks about the amazing benefits of sending your kid to preschool.

Should I Send my Child or Baby to Daycare?

Choosing to send your child to daycare and return to work is another big decision. For some mothers it’s a painful experiment in hopes of helping an only child get some more social interaction. Other mothers rush back to work for a few days a week just so they can have some sanity in an otherwise nappy and bottle filled life. Whatever your reason for returning to work or sending your baby to daycare, you need to remember that it’s yours alone and only you know the circumstances. Read More Here!

It is important to know the needs and routine of your child before you send him/her to a preschool. If you are someone that breastfeeds the child then you certainly have to take it into consideration before sending them to daycare. It is also crucial to check what age is the best. Make sure that you are at peace with your decision of sending your little one to the preschool. You may choose to return to work right away or spend some time with the young one and then resume. It should be noted that you certainly do not have to be worried as the daycare has all necessary facilities to help your child learn. The following article on highlights the benefits of outdoor play in a daycare.

Benefits of outdoor play and activities for preschool children

Children above the age of one require 10 micrograms of vitamin D a day. The biggest source of vitamin D during March and September can be found outside. This means that while playing outdoors, your child can absorb all the nutrients they need from direct sunlight. Additionally, outdoor play is proven to improve mental health and encourage children to exercise more freely in a non-restrictive way. Read More Here!

Outdoor play has been emphasized over the years for kid’s development. It also has several health benefits and helps children in getting the much need vitamin D. Kids are more focused and energized as well as creative when they are exposed to outdoor play. When exposed to the outside world, kids tend to learn better and develop their active, kinetic and motor skills. Needless to say, outdoor play is fun and kids can easily be exposed to passive learning rather than forcing them to learn via giving tough instructions. A little bit of fun and play really goes a long way.

Thus, you can make an informed decision whether you wish to send your little one to daycare, preschool or keep a nanny. Regardless of your choice, just ensure that the kids get enough attention and care and are encouraged to learn new things.