Tips for Choosing the Right Playgroup for Your Child

two children playing with wooden alphabet blocks with an adult

Every Singaporean parent wants to put their child in the right playgroup and educational programme. Although these are early year playgroups, they help to build a strong foundation and interpersonal skills for young children.

Identifying the right fit is not easy, as one must consider several factors to do so. Remember, the toddler or children playgroup you choose must be aligned with your parenting style. It should also match the preference of your kids. This is because there is no point in putting a high-energy toddler in arts and crafts where learning would be less conducive and not personalized to your child. He or she would benefit more in a swimming class, gym class or other new and interesting team activities.

As toddler playgroups involve several parties, one should have a clear understanding of the policies, procedures, and protocols. If you are joining an existing one, check if they are open to new ideas. Toddler playgroups are generally weekly meetings. So, be clear about timings and meet up details.

Make online searches on local playgroups before you commit to something. Giving them a call or emailing is also good. If you are setting up a playgroup on your own, you may wish to hold it at a fixed or rotating location and seek the help of other parents in the planning and executing phases.

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These Best Preschools in Singapore That Enjoy Great Popularity

Preschools lay the foundation of the child’s growth and development. As such, picking the right fit could be a heavy decision. Other than affordability, several factors such as location, teachers, programs offered, etc make the section process quite challenging.

Singapore has approximately 1800 preschool options.  While picking a preschool for kids, priority must be given to the kid’s happiness. If the environment is not supportive, he will not get enough stimulation to learn new skills.

For this reason, the author has shortlisted 10 best Singapore preschools for parents in the article. These schools have a long history of success offering everything from arts, crafts, music, physical activities, etc. Programs offered by them are structured by professionals in a way that the kids find no difficulties in settling in higher schools.

Besides having particularly good curricula, amazingly designed campuses, and excellent amenities, they have a competitive edge in growing children to their fullest potentials.

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Is It Worthy to Send the Kids to Children Playgroups?

If your baby is cared for by a caregiver, this question is sure to come to mind. Many moms have a feeling that this is the best arrangement as the babies get individual care and attention.

The early years are particularly important for a child’s growth. During this period, they undergo rapid brain, physical and psychological development. Studies indicate that kids tend to learn fast in a group.

There are many advantages to sending a child to a playgroup. Most of the time, a kid remains lonely in the house. But, joining a playgroup he or she meets others and makes new friends. This makes them social and they learn to share, corporate, and take their turns. They also develop language and communication skills. As these classes keep the kids engaged with carefully designed activities, those help them learn various life skills fast.

Getting the child familiar with the new environment could be difficult at first. It is better to start with parent-accompanied classes and shift to drop-off programs later. But playgroups are prone to spread viruses. So, one must pick one with screening facilities.

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