What to Look for in a Good Kindergarten in Singapore?

Since there are a variety of good kindergarten schools in Singapore at the moment, it is an important decision to make for parents.

In order to decide which one is best for your child, there are 5 things you need to know. The article will help in highlighting factors which can help in deciding the right kindergarten for your child.

Affiliation matters

There are some kindergartens which are affiliated with primary school registrations and parents need not to get their kids registration done separately. This way kids like their elder siblings will be registered within the same premises rather getting registration done at far off location from their home or school. This is even good for parents as they need not to drop their children at different location based upon their registration.

Location is the Key

The most convenient thing which parents feel about the schools of their kids is location. More nearer the school is, safer and secure they think the child is. There are certain kindergartens which are operating within the close residential vicinities, certain within residential areas even. Whereas there are certain which are located within business parks, near workplace or some near shopping malls as well. Thus, parents just must walk certain kilometres from their places and can easily drop off their kids. Also, it would free them from hazards of taking out cars or getting any help from neighbour for dropping their kids off to kindergarten.

Subsidized Fee

Some kindergartens also offer fee waivers or subsidized fee structure to families based upon their annual income pattern. For instance, if your income is below certain level, you can opt for subsidized fee for your kids. Also, in other cases, there is an option of getting 50 percent reduction in the fee of second child in case one child is already admitted in that school. Kindergartens in Singapore also has this provision for parents.

Child-Teacher Ratio

This is yet another important aspect which parents are also interested and concerned while getting their kids admitted in Kindergarten. Ideal ratio of teacher child in most kindergarten in Singapore is 1:20 or in other cases 1:25, which is good. Since concentration and good interaction between teacher and kids is the key to success, thus ideal ratio should be looked for when selecting good kindergarten for kids.

Quality of Teachers in Kindergarten

Kindergarten teaching is not like other teaching. These are special teachers who are trained and have kindergarten diplomas along with experience in early schooling. Some schools also give specialized training to their kids thus specializing them in handling small kids. Thus, special attention needs to be given to schools which has specialized and trained teachers.


Kindergartens must have special curriculum which should be designed keeping in view the special requirements of the kids. The curriculum is combination of programs for developing motor skills, literacy, skill development as well as social/emotional development of kids. These programs help in nurturing kids’ skills thus preparing them for primary schools onwards. Thus, always go for the kindergarten which covers all these important aspects in their curriculum, so kids are well prepared for later schooling.


The article just highlights what to look for in a good kindergarten in Singapore while selecting one for kids. Some systems may have all of these facilities while some other may be lacking in some. It is up to you to choose what suits your child’s mental capabilities and your routine for the best kindergarten experience and education foundation for your child.